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Day Care

Under the Sun Training & Daycare

"Your Pets Home Away From Home"

Our mission is to provide quality care, exercise and training for the dogs in our community.

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Day Care Rates

Day Care Rates

Rooms with a view of the Front Range. **Indoor and Outdoor Suites**

Family Rates are available upon request.

Daily Charges

Giant Breeds (over 100 lbs)                  $24.00

Large Breeds (over 50 lbs)                    $22.00

Medium Breeds (under 50 lbs)            $20.00

Small Breeds (under 20 lbs)                 $18.00

Cats, Birds, Ferrets, Rabbits                $10.00

Additional Programs

Nature Walks                                              $5.00

30 - 40 minutes (All Nature Walks are done on a 6-foot lead)

Day Boarding (All Breeds)                        15.00

Medications Administered                      $1.00/ea time

Insulin (All Breeds)                                     $5.00/day

Family Rates

2 Dogs (Same Run-Under 20lbs)         $33.00

2 Dogs (Same Run-All others)             $36.00

3 Dogs (Same Run)                                 $48.00


Boarding 10 Days or More                      10% Off

Military Discount (Boarding Only)       $15.00

Board N' Play

(Group Play in Addition to Boarding Rates)

Full Day                                                     $15.00

Half day                                                     $10.00

Pet Pick-up or Delivery

Colorado Springs Airport                        $75.00

Denver Airport                                        $150.00

Veterinarian (in Colorado Springs)      $25.00

Information Day Care

Information About Day Care For Your Pet

Food is Provided 

Pro Plan, Pedigree, Beneful food products are available. You may bring your own food for your pet. Please provide it in a plastic container labeled with the Type of food, Owner's last name, Dog's name, and Feeding instructions.

Under The Sun Doggie Day Care Details

Under the Sun Doggie Daycare was established by Colton and Heather Johnson. While sharing their love and knowledge of dogs, this husband and wife team have opened an in-home atmoshpere for dogs that attend daycare. They have over fifteen years experience in managing at kennels, vet clinics, teaching behavioral obedience classes and competing in Dog Shows at a National level. Their experience and excellent reputation speaks for itself.

There are many benefits to a doggie daycare in a home environment. Exercise is the key to any well behaved pet. Not only will your dog interact with other dogs they will be playing on equipment, going for walks and running along side a golf cart to assure all of their exercise levels are met with quality and care. We will reinforce everything that your pet does at home while addressing any additional behavioral issues upon request.

Our priority is the safety, health and happiness of your pet while they are with us.

Boarding can be made less stressful by understanding your pets and manipulating some important environmental and social variables. Stress is experienced anytime a pet’s normal routine is changed. Most pets do not experience excessive or negative stress while staying at boarding facilities. The majority of the pets handle boarding nicely without any extra care and only a little preparation before dropping these dogs off for their stay. For the extra sensitive pet, some forethought and planning can make a world of difference. When you take your pet home from the boarding facility, consider the excitability of your pet when he/she first sees you again. Most pets will go home and drink large amounts of water and then throw up. Please limit the amounts of water intake to small amounts when your pet first goes home. Your pet has had plenty of water while visiting the kennel. He is excited to see you and will over drink. DON’T LET HIM/HER!!

Diet changes and excitability may cause stress to your pet’s digestive system. This can cause diarrhea or loose stools when they go home. You can help cure this by taking away all solid foods and placing them onto a bland diet. This consists of plain yogurt and/or hamburger and rice (hamburger must be boiled and drained then added to the cooked rice). This will usually last for one day and then solid food can be started again in small amounts several times a day.

When your pet goes home after he/she has stayed with us, don’t be alarmed if they sleep most of the day. They have had a very busy visit. A lot of exercise and happenings have gone on with your pet and their visit with us. They are tired and have exercised three times more than they do at home in most cases. They need to regroup and recharge and sleeping is the way they do it.

A normal dog’s temperature will be between 101-102 degrees. You may test this with a rectal thermometer if you have any concerns. If the pet’s temperature is above this normal range please consult your veterinarian.

Dogs that are frequent boarders rarely get sick in any way. The same thing goes for dogs that are frequent in and about in public places. These dogs have stronger immune systems. On the other hand, a dog that spends time only in the house and back yard is at a higher risk. This type of dog may also experience more stress when moved to a new environment. Dogs that have allergies are also at risk with a low immune system and may be acceptable to viruses. These dogs may have to be placed on antibiotics to prevent such infections. (Please check with your veterinarian for more information.

We DO NOT accept dogs in the kennel that appear sick in any way. It is possible that a dog with a strong immune system can carry a virus without actually showing any symptoms of being sick. Also, older dogs must be able to get around in the kennels. It is important that older dogs are able to exercise and move around in the kennels.

At a Boarding Kennel, Doggie Day Care, Doggie Camp, Pet Hotel, Grooming Shop, Pet Store, Training Facility or any other place where a lot of dogs get together, there is a risk of catching “Kennel Cough”. The “Kennel Cough” is an air borne virus that causes an upper respiratory cough. Most dogs that are properly vaccinated will only be slightly affected and some not at all. Getting sick or not getting sick has a lot to do with the individual dog’s immune system. Stress also makes a dog an easier target for a cough. Please have all pets vaccinated for the “Kennel Cough” every six months. It cannot be excluded because the dog has been vaccinated.

“Kennel Cough” in dogs is similar to the flu/ whooping cough in humans. Dogs with “Kennel Cough” suffer from continuous episodes of coughing that may result in gagging or retching. The cough can be mistaken for choking because of its sudden onset. Dogs with “Kennel Cough” should be examined by a veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis and for specific treatment recommendations. Fortunately, most cases of “Kennel Cough” are self-limiting and will resolve without needing extraordinary medical therapy. At a minimum, dogs with “Kennel Cough” should be isolated for 10-14 days to prevent transmission of the organism to healthy dogs. Exercise, barking and other activities may trigger coughing episodes. In some cases, an antibiotic and/ or antitussive therapy will be required. Dogs exhibiting fever, weight loss, loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea, have more serious disease and should be immediately evaluated by a veterinarian.

In our Nature Walk or Playtime programs, there is always a risk of getting scratches or sores. Very rarely does anything happen. The dogs are on leashes and supervised during these times. Some dogs can wear off the skin top of the nose by trying to get into the other dogs run. Also trying to play through the chain link kennel. Some dogs may wear skin down on the front paws by running and digging on the concrete.

We do our very best to make each guest comfortable and have fun while visiting us. We require emergency phone numbers to reach you in case of an emergency. These numbers can be a cell, business, friend, family or anyone who can make a decision as to the pet’s situation. If you are not satisfied with our services, please let us know how we can improve.

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