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Doug and Michaelanne have been breeding both Old English Sheepdogs and Bouvier Des Flandres for over 30 years.

The Johnson’s have received many awards throughout their careers, but none as prestigious as the 2006 and 2016 AKC Breeder of the Year. 

They also received the 2006 Hearding Dog of the Year award with their son Colton and Old English Sheepdog “Smokin.”

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Old English Sheepdogs

AKC GCHB Bugaboo's Let It Go Blu Mtn - "Elsa"

  • #1 Old English Sheepdog for 2017

  • #12 Herding Dog for 2017

  • Multiple Best In Show winner

See Elsa's Pedigree

AKC GCh Bugaboo's Picture Perfect - "Swagger"

"Swagger is the Top Winning Old English Sheepdog in History!"

See Swagger's Pedigree

AKC Ch Bugaboo "Big Puff Daddy"

Puff Daddy has multiple Best in Shows, Best in Specialty Shows and Group wins in the US and Internationally.

  • Whelped: Mar 27 2000

  • Breeders: Doug & Michaelanne Johnson, Edi Shields

  • Owners: Doug & Michaelanne Johnson, Callahan, Javor

See Big Puff Daddy's Pedigree

A Petigree of Champions



Georgia Girl








Bouvier Des Flandres

Faris N. Taylor

Bouviers Show Dogs


I came to the Show Dogs world in a roundabout way.  I participated in several Olympic committees during 1980 New York Olympics and in 1982 Salt Lake City, Utah.  I moved from New York to Issaquah, Washington where I served on many committees.  So many in fact, my late husband Bill, thought I was running for Mayor!

My 84 year old Aunt Mill came with us too.  In searching for a “companion” to help her in the transition we stumbled upon a Bouviers Kennel. At first glance Aunt Mill didn’t want to get out of the car because the Bouviers reminded her of a Buffalo.  After a little coaxing, she discovered the Bouviers were wonderful, friendly and had to have one. We all fell in love with the breed as they were welcomed into our hearts and life.


My family has always been interested in competitive sports. My son, Bill was in the Olympics as a skier in both the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid, New York and 1982 Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.  My late husband, Bill was also involved in the Olympics on the transportation side.  My daughter, Missy, was part of Bill’s ski coaching team.  In loving our Bouviers, we discovered a Dog Show and were hooked on the breed.  I have been showing Bouviers dogs for over twenty years.  I have a Best in Show over at a large field in Monroe, Washington.  


I am now working with Doug Johnson and his Sunrise Kennels in Colorado.  Our goal is to see how high in the Dog Show world or how far our number One Bouviers can go while having fun.  Recently Stone was ranked "Number Two" in the Country and we are still having fun.  We are starting to show off Stone’s puppies. . . More fun to come!

Stone at the Rose City Dog Shows

Stone Group 1




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